Trough reading the background to literary theory and criticism, it taught me that in studying literature, literary theory and criticism should be given a focus for us to comprehend and understand what the author’s intention of writing that certain literary piece and the history behind its creation.

As a reader, by the aid of depicting various literary theory and criticism that was used, I able to read it better since it provides me a lot of ideas and opinions on how to read a certain literary work by feeling the emotions of the authors inflict to his/her piece. It helps me especially it aims to explain everything, that’s why we can read creatively and theoretically a certain work by analyzing it.

Aside from that, we can use it as our set of tools to enhance our understanding of literature and to reveal what this literature means and its importance to society. And, it helps me to understand better the motives of an author why she chose to wrote that certain piece, what is she trying to tell us like does she have something in mind that she wanted to resolve during her time, and how does his or her life experiences influence its works? You can comprehend all of this if you will use literary theory and literary criticism as your guide.

As we are taught by this module, those literary theories are meant to interpret and evaluate works of literature with the mind of revealing the in-depth implications of such works, while literary criticism analyzes and evaluates what a writer has written, and both of them are essential for us readers and those who meant to study literature because it helps us to think better and gathering accurate ideas.

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