Tuesday, 18 Feb 2020
Category: Technology
Oppo F7 Youth - Full Phone Specifications and Features

Oppo F7 Youth – Full Phone Specifications and Features

Accompanying the bigger F7 Youth screen is a series of vastly improved navigation shortcuts. Swipe, click, drag and tap – the whole F7 Youth software universe will be on call with these simple gestures for an unbeatable true full screen experience. Besides, for apps not optimized for full-screen display, turning on“Full-screen Display”, it will automatically […]

Oppo Find X – Full Phone Specifications and Features

Oppo Find X full phone specifications and features wherein this phone is  special technology is applied to conceal the light sensor on the upper front of OPPO’s smartphone for the whole look of simplicity. Any film or protector with color or opacity may block light from coming through the sensor. Refer to OPPO’s official layout of […]

OPPO F9 – Full Details, Price, Full Specifications & Features

Oppo F9 full details, price, full specifications and features with 3500mAh battery capacity, F9 utilizes a smart battery management system to prevent battery drain. By learning and establishing your usage patterns and habits over time, the system closes inactive apps to save power. Now, your battery lasts longer so you can be more productive during your day.   OPPO […]