Characteristics of Education Assessment

Characteristics of Education Assessment

Characteristics of Education Assessment. Base on my point of view, I think that there’s no such thing as best method of assessment on the ground that all types of assessment method has its own functions and own characteristics. In one thing to another they are different, there’s specific or appropriate when to use the assessment method.

For example, if there’s only a limited time left then you’ll make use of true-false type, not the multiple choice or even completion test because as we all know it needs a lot of time to answer on that particular case. Second, in every method there’s intended purpose which means you only input that kind of method if it is really suitable for your subject matter.

Third, as a future teacher you may use alternative assessment methods but it must complement always to your goals and objectives. Thus, for preparing an assessment method it must complement to the learning objectives, but make sure that the assessment method to be used is appropriate to its functions so that you will able to evaluate immediately the scores of the learners.

1.Written response instruments  

Generally appropriate in assessing a variety of levels of hierarchy of didactic objectives.

a. Multiple choice  

This kind of assessment method is efficient and reliable that allows the leaner’s to widen their understanding about a certain topic. From here, they choose several possible responses and they select the appropriate answer.

b. True or false         

When there’s a limited time period left in the particular subject. It is easy to administer and easy to determine the score of the learners.

c. Matching              

Selecting second statement that best complements by each presented statement; this is to correlate a specific thing related to the other wherein this measure knowledge keyed to specific learning outcomes and competencies.

d. Short answer        

Appropriate to use when emphasizing more on factual knowledge or only remembering rather than higher order thinking skills performance or attitudes.

e. Completion test              

Characteristics of Education Assessment. This is suitable for determining the cognitive skills of the learners, and this is a one way to enrich and nurture their minds on facts.

f. Theory         

For relating real life situation this is the most appropriate assessment method.


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