What do you understand by cohesion and coherence?

It is coherent when a reader able to interpret a text and it makes sense. It is a term in a functional grammar wherein words are joined together lexically and grammatically as a whole to form new insights. While cohesion is taking an action of forming a united whole. It is simply taking about unity. These two helps a writer in creating relevance and unity in a text to makes communication more meaningful and logical.

2. Analyze the following passage in terms of its cohesion and coherence.

Akpan: Do you mind a piece of advice?

Udoh: I don’t mind any. Akpan: Are you listening? Udoh: Yes, I am.

Akpan: The only solution to the problem is National Conference. I said that because every group would say its mind and give its condition and terms for staying together. (Osisanwo, 2003: 30).

Based on my analysis, the passage above is both coherent and cohesive. Both of the two interacts to each other by asking questions and answering. It is coherent since it makes sense and I able to understand what they are talking about. Cohesive since few of the methods of achieving cohesion in a text was presented. First, Referential cohesion is use in the first dialogue. Akpan asked, “Do you mind a piece of advice?” (“You”, refers to Udoh). Second is the conjunction cohesion, wherein Akpan used the word “because”, which is a conjunction and used to states his reasons. Third, substitution was also used in the passage above. Akpan asked Udoh and he answered, “I don’t mind any.” (“any”, replaces the word “advice”).

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