Style is very essential in creating and reading literary pieces since it focuses and deals with analyzing the language that has been use in a certain literature.

We are able to determine the language habits and writing patterns of those authors that are really good in creating a literary piece, that we could make it as our guide and tips to create also a better literature. In terms of reading, style really helps us to know and expose an author’s motives and intentions in making that piece through studying styles that are present in that text. It also helps us to assess various chosen words that could help us sharpen our minds more, especially if the author uses new and deep words. Aside from that, style is really important in literature since it can hook so much attention from the readers and it helps to awaken every emotion that an author tries to inflict to everyone who reads it. A text that has a unique style, makes a piece more matchless and received so much better feedbacks compare to others.

2. Discuss the relationship between style and stylistics. 

The relationship between style and stylistics, apparently stylistics is the study of style applied in a given text and document. It deals with the language varieties and styles that are likely in creating various texts. Stylistics is all about dealing various style that are existing in a certain text, which style makes a text more creative and imaginative. It can tell how much an author do her best to let his/her readers be fascinated with the ideas, concepts, thoughts, and feelings that he/she wants to share through his or her writings.

3. Mention and explain two areas of human endeavor in which style as conformity is relevant. 

The two areas of human endeavor in which style as conformity is relevant first, it can be found in in some professional writings, where a considerable conformity to the established format or diction is expected for a text to earn acceptability. Second, it is often seen in academic/educational field wherein most of the students do their research as what expected to them. In this two areas of human endeavor, style as conformity is relevant in this particular fields wherein it is often strictly enforced.

4. Explain each of the following: 

a. Style as choice deals with the variations and the options that are available to an author. Since language provides its users with more than one choice in a given situation, there are different choices available to the writer in a given text depending on the situation and genre the writer chooses in expressing thoughts and opinions.

b. Style as the man was established due to the notion that every individual has his or her genuine technique in doing things and that no two persons’ have the same exact character, they are both unique in their own way.

c. Style as deviation is based on the notion that there are rules, conventions and regulations that guide the different activities that must be executed. So, if a certain idea was presented in a way that it is unlikely different in a way that we expected, deviation occurred. It is concerned with the use of different styles from the expected norm of language use in a given genre of writing.

d. Style as time/period, since language is dynamic, it is always changing. Some of the text that was written ages ago was very different from the text of today because of syntax, vocabulary, and spelling that was used in it. A period usually dictates the style employed by the writers. For example, Shakespeare and his contemporaries used a particular style of writing i.e. writing in verses. It was not until Herrick Ibsen came up with plays in the prose form that the previous style was abandoned.


I’d like you to make a short interview online of your friends who are online now. Find 1 early 20’s male and 1 early 20’s female who can translate my statement. My statement is: “Mabudlay gid kung mahal, kay indi ka kabakal”.

Name: Jermai Quintas

Sex: Male

Translation: it’s really hard to when its expensive because you cannot buy it.

Name: Leslie Arduo

Sex: Female

Translation: So difficult to buy my wants. Can’t afford it.

(note: Ma’am I already sent the videos on your Facebook account last Wednesday, thank you!)

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