Determining Various Social, Moral and Economic Issues Discussed in the Text Listened to

Activity 1. 

Direction:  From the given situations below, identify what issue is presented. Choose the letter of the correct answer and write them in your answer sheet. Write a- if it is a social issue; b- if it is an economic issue; c- it is a moral issue; d- if it is a combination of any issue given.

  1. While walking along the skywalk going to a Mall you saw a mother carrying and nursing her child begging for alms.
  2. Due to the Pandemic state of the country, graduates of school year 2019-2020 keep their hopes up in landing for a decent job.
  3. Inside the house there are rules: Girls wash the dishes; Boys fetch water; Girls cook the food; Boys chop the firewood.
  4. Sonny Boy is a grade 3 Pupil of Mabinaha-on Primary School. He was always absent and when he is at school, his classmates and teacher always notice some unexplained bruises in his arms, face and neck.
  5. A pregnant woman was brought to the Municipal Health Care center, due to premature delivery. The health care workers found out the gravity of the situation so she was referred to the City Hospital. Unfortunately, the City Hospital was asking for a down payment the patient could not afford.

 Ans.  Activity 1:

1. A

2. B

3. A

4. C

5. A

Activity 2.

Direction: Match the situations in Column A, with that of the different issues in Column B. Write the letter of the correct answer in your paper.

1. Children peddling sampaguita leis on the streets at night at the Rizal Parka. poverty and homelessness
2. Members of a group of women’s rights advocate rallying for their demandsb. health care ability
3. Wearing expensive furs from animal skinc. gender equality
4. Price increase of oil and petroleumd. environmental issue
5. Legalizing divorce in the Philippinese. climate change
6. Report on the number of suicide cases from year 2015-2020f. child labor
7. Extreme weather conditions in the countryg. racial discrimination
8. Free health care services for allh. moral issues
9. Waste Management and proper segregationi. power monopoly
10. Low cost housing for misplaced residents due to natural and man-made calamitiesj. inflation

Ans. Activity 2:

1. F

2. C

3. H

4. J

5. H

6. H

7. E

8. B

9. D

10. A

Activity 3.

Direction: Read the poem “I am an African Child” by Eku McGred  and take note of the issues that beset Afrikaans. List down these issues in your paper.

I am an African Child

Edu McGred

I am an African child

Born with a skin the colour of chocolate

Bright, brilliant and articulate Strong and bold; I’m gifted

Talented enough to be the best

I am an African child

Often the target of pity

My future is not confined to charity

Give me the gift of a lifetime;

Give me a dream, a door of opportunity;

I will thrive

I am an African child

Do not hide my fault

show me my wrong

I am like any other;

Teach me to dream

And I will become

I am an African child

I am the son, daughter of the soil

Rich in texture and content

Full of potential for a better tomorrow

Teach me discipline, teach me character, teach me hard work

Teach me to think like the star within me

I am an African child

I can be extra-ordinary call me William Kamkwamba the Inventor; Give me a library with books

Give me a scrap yard and discarded electronics

Give me a broken bicycle;

Plus the freedom to be me

And I will build you a wind mill

I am an African child

We are the new generation

Not afraid to be us

Uniquely gifted, black and talented

Shining like the stars we are

We are the children of Africa

Making the best of us Yes! I am an African child.

V.            Reflection

Guide Questions: 

Direction: Answer the following questions and write your answer in your notebook or journal.

  1. What social issue is observable in your community? Pick out only 1. _________________________________________________________________________________
  2. What can you do to minimize the adverse effects of this issue?




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