Developing Verbal Talent

Presenting the ways on how to develop students Verbal Talent.

              A. How to develop students’ verbal talent by exploring new learnings.

1. Verbal experiences help students to experience the things they can’t do before.

                             2. Verbal situations helps students to learn new things for them to understand.

3. Verbal phenomena is a challenge that they may encounter but helps them to learn more.

 B. Educational culture that eludes the shock of difficulty for students.

1. This difficulty is specific to the self-esteem of students.

2. Build students’ self-esteem by giving the things they can do.

 3. Let them explore the things they already knew.

C. Developing verbal talent of gifted children opposite to what the educational culture taught.

 1. They attain self-esteem after successfully struggling for intellectual growth.

2. To develop their verbal talent, they should be given a task they can’t do yet.

3. Letting them explore and understand new things.

II. Classics books for cultivating Verbal Talent

A. The disadvantages of using Basal Reader on developing Verbal talent for gifted students.

1. The series of reading program and skill-builder activities may frustrate students and makes them realize that school is not exciting and interesting place at all.

2. Basal reading series may frustrate the students reading process, it focuses too much time and attention on mastering the reading process rather than letting them read good literature.

3. It emphasizes that basal readers for gifted students is a boring process of developing verbal talent.

 B.  The development of verbal talent for gifted students using classics books

1. Thompson emphasizes that classics helps to mold, challenge and stretch students mind and giving them a sense of what the possibilities are for human expression in language.

2. It allows reader an opportunity to holistic reading of good literature.

3. Aside from what mentioned above, classics will able students to explore the amazing literature of the world, which helps them to encounter their context, discover their kin, and discover a shimmering mirror of words that reflects them.

C. What Classics had that helps in developing verbal talents of gifted students.

1. Classics have a good source of good vocabulary, Classic words that help the gifted students to expose in vocabulary that could enrich their verbal talent.

2. Classics give the students a Classic Ideas that could make them think deeper in order to understand a certain literature.

3. Considering the Quality and Quantity of Classics is a significant impact on a student’s relationship to books. 

III. Ancient Words within Modern Words – Vocabulary

A.  Ancient word as the foundation of modern words

1.   Ancient foundation of modern English vocabulary is crucial in developing students’ verbal talent by studying the words that appear in the context of literature.

2. Learning ancient words serves as the power path to a resilient vocabulary and gain an understanding bout thousands of new words.

3. Obtain a firm foundation in etymology

B. Advantages of studying Greek and Latin stems

1. Acquire power learning wherein learning dozens of words is much powerful than learning one word at a time.  

2. Enhances our spelling skills.

3. Students tends to advance in terms of shaping their vocabularies since most of the stem-based words are big words that are too difficult to comprehend.

C. Ways of studying stems for starters

1. Learners should study the stem and definition thoroughly.

2. Starters should not only focuses on understanding the given example set of words.

3. They could list down first all the common and important stems to learn.

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