DJ Loonyo Receives Criticism On ‘Mass Testing’ Comments, Later Apologize

DJ Loonyo has been criticized by some netizens in his comments on ‘mass testing’.

DJ Lonyo said, “Mass Testing” as “Trial and Error” on a 5-minute video posted on social platform.

The 5-minute video caught the public’s attention and went viral.

He believed, mass testing is an “ingest,” and that it is not “100% proven.”

See the the video for yourself.

From DJ Loonyo’s Twitter post, he apologizes for wrongful terminology used on ‘mass testing’.

“First off, I apologize for the wrong use of terminology in that particular instance. My point is not particularly about the ‘covid mass testing,’ I was actually referring to clinical trials. I understand that the use of terminology is critical, so I apologize for any confusion caused.”

“Ang napagusapan is really about ‘business over integrity,’ na these days, mahirap magtiwala sa mga nangyayari sa ating paligid nang basta-basta, para lang sumunod.”

Netizens replied on DJ Lonyo’s tweets.

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