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Duties and Responsibilities of Publication Staff

The duties and responsibilities of a publication staff.

Chief Editor – The chief editor supervises the editorial staff of the paper.

Associate Editor – Edits the articles in cooperation with the chief editor, he/she may also be delegated to write editorials of the organ.

Managing Editor – Acting as the hand of the board, the managing editor brings articles to the press for typesetting.

Circulation Manager – As the nomenclature suggests, he/she is assigned in ensuring the release and distribution of the paper.

The Reporters. The life of the contents depends on the skills of the reporters. They secure the cold and raw facts of an assigned event and write articles out of the same.

Section Editors:
a. News Editor- writes news articles relevant to school activities.
b. Filipino Editor- to write the editorial in Filipino section.
c. Feature Editor- gives out assignments to feature writers.
d. Exchange Editor- makes up a list of school papers sent by other schools.
e. Layout Section Editors- assigned to take pictures on school activities.
f. Layout Artists- designs and formats all pages in the paper.

. Why is there a need to assign duties to each member of the publication?

– Each member in school publication has its own responsibilities to ensure that they could produce a good article. Each of them are in charge to do a certain task for them to finish the publication in limited time and to publicize it for the students in campus will be able to read its content. There’s also a need to assign duties to each member for the task will be easier to do and to organize everything so things will not be in chaos.

3. What will happen if one or two of the members of the publication do not fulfil their duties and responsibilities? Elaborate your answer.

If one or two of the members of the publication will not fulfill their duties and responsibilities, then their work and collaboration as a member of publication is not efficient. Negligence and panicking will take over their organization. And also, production of their publication will be affected since one of their members did not fulfill his job and they will waste another time in making the task that their members didn’t do. For example, if layout section editors forgot to do his task to take picture of school activities that happened last time, then it will damage the whole package of their articles since publishing papers without photos are dull. Even if news editor writes her articles in a good manner, it’s not worth reading since words are too boring to scan by the eyes without the glint of photos attached to it. Photos add attractions to the readers in reading news plus it serves as one of the supporting evidences in your statements. So, it’s not really nice if one of the members in publication do not fulfill his or her job because it will only ruin the publish article and even they manage to make a solution still they waste some of their time that they could use for freeing their selves like enjoying some tea.

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