Examining Biases (for or against) Made by the Author

Activity 1. 

Identify the propaganda used in the following advertisements


  1. transfer
  • emotional
  • testimonial
  • flattery

 a. transfer

  • b. emotional
    • testimonial
    • flattery

                                                                 a. card stacking

  • b. bandwagon



d. flattery

  • Brand A Tuna Flakes in Oil. With Omega 3. Good for the Heart Good for the Health. Fresh from the Sea to the Can. Lavish in nature’s health provided by Brand A Tuna Flakes in Oil.

                a. Card stacking   b. bandwagon      c. testimonial   d. flattery

5. Brand X Bactericidal soap. Kills 99.9 percent of bacteria and viruses. Approved by the Epidemiologist Association of the Philippines. Join the 90% Filipino Families who use Brand X Bactericidal Soap and stay safe and clean in a germ-free environment.

                   a. Card stacking    b. bandwagon c. testimonial     d. flattery

Ans. Activity 1:

1. B

2. A

3. C

4. A

5. B

Activity 2

As you read each paragraph, be ready to determine and identify the bias made by the author.

1. During this time of the pandemic, the majority of communications rely on using cellphones. Even students are now relying heavily on cellphones – to reach and be reached as well as to continue learning. But according to Thomas Sherman- A Virginia Tech Professor of education said, “Cellphones don’t contribute to learning and are potentially a distraction.” He further said that there are already enough distractions; there’s no need to add another.

  1. The Tech Professor is relying on incomplete information.
  2. The Tech Professor is trying to deceive the reader.
  3. The Tech Professor wants the reader to believe what he or she is saying.
  4. The Tech Professor’s experience is influencing his or her thinking.
  5. The Tech Professor is trying to persuade the reader.
  • Reports on certain people who were tested positive of SARS-CoV1 – a causative-agent of COVID19 in a particular community, shocked the townspeople. The residential area was locked down for 2 weeks and contact tracing was intensively implemented. One of the residents, manifested early stages of cough and sore throat without a fever. He was not listed among the contacts, but one of the Brgy. Officials insisted to report him to the Local Health Center for swab testing and quarantine.   
    • The Brgy. Official is relying on incomplete information.
    • The Brgy. Official is trying to deceive residents.
    • The Brgy. Official wants the residents to believe what he or she believes.
    • The Brgy. Official past experience is influencing his or her thinking.
  • The Brgy. Official is trying to persuade health officials that he is right.
  • A local radio station reported and posted on their FB page about a fire that broke out in an urbanized slum area. 

           The report mentioned the alleged cause of the fire, number of houses affected, value of damaged properties, and the interviews among the residents and the firefighters who were sent to the incident. The report went viral and the netizens flooded the page with different comments saying that the cause of the fire was faulty electrical wiring and not negligence on the part of the residents.

  1. The netizens are relying on incomplete information.
    1. The netizens are trying to deceive the readers.
    1. The netizens want the residents to believe what they believe.
    1. The netizens past experience is influencing his or her thinking.
    1. The netizens are trying to persuade the readers that they are right.

Ans. Activity 2:

1. C

2. E

3. A

Activity 3. Identify the following statement as objective or biased. Write (O) if it is objective and (B) if it is biased.

  1. COVID19 cases in the Philippines breached 352 thousand. 
    1. Students to stay at home and mulling on modules are really boring. 
    1. According to DOH, physical distancing, wearing face mask & face shield cuts virus transmission by 96%.
    1. The government has wasted far too much money on a COVID19 cases. 
    1. According to CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), COVID-19 vaccination will help keep you from getting COVID-19. 6. It is still fun in the Philippines despite this pandemic.

7. Rubbing alcohol is a natural bactericidal treatment. This means it kills bacteria but doesn’t necessarily prevent their growth. 

Ans. Activity 3:

1. O

2. B

3. O

4. B

5. O

6. B

7. O

II.         Reflection

Guide Questions:

  1. What is bias?

Bias is a subjective way of thinking that tells only one side of a story, sometimes leading to inaccurate information or a false impression.  

  • How can you detect bias in a certain article?

Through critical analysis, an author’s bias is any opinion or prejudice that affects the author’s writing.

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