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Feature article and writing feature article

Feature article and writing feature article

In journalism, a feature article is a journalistic article with the main emphasis on discussing a topic in detail. In contrast to other formats, such as news articles and news features, features are lighter in tone and contain more descriptive language. Features can focus on things that include:

They might also provide information about people or groups of people.

Features are typically focused on topics that aren’t as timely as those found in news articles and they might explore something much more deeply than a simple headline story would allow. They can cover topics from many different categories– you’ll find many types of stories here at the Huffington Post—but often touch on ideas from pop culture, health, travel and human interest stories.

The Huffington Post features are also known for their humor and lively nature, leaving the reader with a sense of being entertained.

Features have different lengths and have varying levels of difficulty. Sometimes, they might be a single paragraph, while others can go on for many paragraphs or even pages.

The style and length of a feature is largely up to the writer whose writing it. At the Huffington Post, we have several different kinds of features—some can be written by any writer, while others are restricted to certain writers for certain subjects. In addition, our features section contains several other types of pieces, including OpEds (Opinion + Blogs), which are opinion pieces that tackle current events and usually offer up some insight into a specific idea or point-of-view.

Features are often packaged in a list format that shows multiple stories at one time. These can either be done manually by the editor or automatically with features like instant stories process, which allows full user control over the presentation of content.

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