I WANDERED LONELY AS A CLOUD by William Wordsworth

How did the life of the author affect the mood and theme of the literary piece?

  1. (Wordsworth became orphan at a young age together with his siblings when both of his parents died. He grew up fulfilling his responsibilities as a brother and a guardian to his family. He had been also on a walking tour in Europe and this experience help him to be inspired in creating literary works. The time when he’s living in France and been contacted with the French Revolution, he became interested and pity for the miserable experiences and common life of an ordinary man. The author experienced to lost people that he valued and loves the most. As he lives his final years, he spent his time wandering, travelling and continuing his outdoor daytrips. This poetic life of the author influenced some of his works especially the mood and theme of the poem entitled, “I wandered lonely as a cloud” since he describes himself as a lonely cloud who keeps on roaming over the hills and valleys or around the place without a strong reason why keeps on doing that. Lonely cloud as if he has no companion in life or no one to talk with and lost in a place who just keep on wandering around without knowing his real destination. The mood of the poem especially in the first stanza seems that the author feels lonely but when he sees a large group of daffodils like a crowd, his heart filled with happiness, and made him forget the loneliness he felt and the troubles in life he experienced.)

How are the daffodils described in the poem? Support your answer by citing a line from

the poem.

  • (Daffodils have this effect to the speaker that it last throughout the poem, from the first up to the last stanza. The speaker of the poem describes the long and lively row of daffodils he sees like a crowd when he walks over the hills and valleys. He described them golden in color and bloomed near a lake and below the trees that flutters and dancing as if the wind blows them to sway. In the second stanza, the speaker compares daffodils like those stars seen in the Milky Way describing as if stretching out endlessly, and flowers seems lovely to see alongside in bay. The speaker thinks that there are ten thousand of daffodils tossing their heads as if they are dancing with a lively song, and daffodils seems dance in a swift move making him feel delight and amuse at the same time. The waves of the bay near the daffodils are dancing too because of the breeze but daffodils are more lovely, and it feels like those large group of daffodils he sees seems a crowd that dance because they are happy and untroubled. These daffodils make the speaker feel intense ecstasy as he gazes them. But, the speaker is lonely like a cloud who wander and sees this beautiful scenery, no one to talk and share with this unforgettable experiences. When he encounters and sees these lovely daffodils changes his emotions and need to seek for companion to feel the pleasure and delight he had experienced. Even the times he had moments for himself, he still remembers and recall how those daffodils make him happy and feel mix emotions at the same time.) 

Why does the speaker feel lonely at the beginning of the poem? Support your answer.

  • (The speaker in the beginning of the poem narrates that he got a chance to wander around and able to sees a wide and long row of daffodils as if they were a crowd. He was travelling like a cloud over the valleys and hills and he’s lonely because he doesn’t have companion in his daytrip. As he roams, he sees a large group of dancing daffodils that made him feel he is not alone anymore. The everlasting beauty of daffodils last on the memory of the speaker throughout the poem. It made him feel the pleasure and happiness in a short moment of his life. He always travels alone like a cloud and it happens that he encounters these daffodils and bring him in another realm that made him forget his loneliness for a while.)

What does the speaker mean when he/she says that the cloud is lonely?

  • (The speaker means when he says that the cloud is lonely because on the first line of the poem he uses the word cloud and not clouds, showing that cloud itself is only one without anyone to talk with while floating and roaming over the hills. He did not feel anything like someone’s presence whenever he travels to wander. The cloud is lonely since he tends to separate himself with other clouds as if he isolates himself and no one could make him feel that he’s not alone. It happens that he feels lonely in the field and sees daffodils that mend his loneliness and made him feel the companionship he always longs to have. Those dancing daffodils helps him to feel various emotions he didn’t feel whenever he wanders.)

The speaker mentions feeling “lonely” yet speaks about the “bliss of solitude”. How

would you reconcile these two seemingly contradictions? Support your answer.

  • (The speaker in the poem says that he is lonely as a cloud yet somehow he enjoyed the bliss of solitude when he encounters suddenly a large group of daffodils dancing along with the breeze. Yes, he’s lonely because he had no one to talk with all his troubles in life. No one made him feel the pleasure and happiness he wanted for his life. He only had himself whenever he wanders and it made him feel like a lonely cloud who are lost above the sky. But, his sudden encounter with the daffodils feels like a cheering squad who dance in the wind to cheer him up, and assure him that he is not alone anymore. Seeing these lively daffodils help him to feel jolly with the cheerful companionship and presence of those dancing daffodils. This experienced help him to forget temporarily his loneliness and enjoyed the pleasure he gets from those daffodils. He thinks that those beautiful daffodils are gift to mend his solitude as if whenever he often lies to his couch, he thought happy moments and do not mind his loneliness and just enjoyed thinking imaginative scenery while his heart and mind filled with joy. )

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