LET Reviewer – English Test Questions and Answers

Here are the LET reviewer for English comprehension test that will lead you to LET reviewer.

  1. The teacher-adviser monitors the class activities of his pupils.
    a. Demands c. Identifies
    b. Observes d. regulates
  2. There is a need to renovate the old school building to avoid future accidents.
    a. repair c. restore
    b. repaint d. redecorate
  3. The athlete was in a sanguine mood after the ball game
    a. Frustrating c. sad
    b. happy d. discouraging
  4. There is a need for an amicable settlement between the parent and the teacher
    a. embarrassing c. peaceful
    b. humble d. continuing
  5. There is an altercation going on between the teacher and principal in the office.
    a. dispute c. settlement
    b. competition d. jealousy
  6. The English teacher is proficient in her teaching.
    a. effective c. engrossed
    b. expert d. perfect
  7. Stipulate in your constitution and by-laws the qualified of the officers.
    a. specify c. fasten
    b. attach d. underline
  8. Integrate values in all your subject areas
    a. remove c. decrease
    b. include into d. criticize
  9. His preposterous reason made him the talk of the campus.
    a. magnificent c. funny
    b. ridiculous d. positive
  10. The singer was fidgety as the judges were deciding on the winner.
    a. appealing c. restlessly
    b. with love d. none of these
  11. He was deprive of a mother’s love
    a. satisfied c. chosen
    b. debarred d. given
  12. The flagrant pupils came shouting with stones in their hands.
    a. industrious c. notorious
    b. group of pupils d. intelligent
  13. There was a question of fraud among the notorious pupils who took the special examination.
    a. cheating c. unfairness
    b. injustice d. favoritism
  14. Her answer was explicable in public
    a. undetermined c. unacceptable
    b. can be explained d. unreasonable
  15. She looked haggard when she came in
    a. fresh c. gaunt
    b. at ease d. inspired

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Answer key:

1 b
2 a
3 b
4 c
5 a
6 b
7 a
8 b
9 b
10 c
11 b
12 c
13 a
14 b
15 c


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