LET Reviewer – Professional Education With Answers

Aspiring PRC licensed teachers can read the LET Reviewer 2020-2021 with Answers for General Education (Gen Ed), Professional Education (Prof Ed) and Majorship or Area of Specialization.

  1. The Department of Education gives greater emphasis on the development of basic skills. What is the philosophical basis for this? a. Essentialism
    b. Existentialism
    c. Perennialism
    d. Pragmatism
  2. Teacher M views his students as unique, free-choosing and responsible individuals. All classroom activities revolve around the said premise. What theory underlies this? a. Essentialism
    b. Existentialism
    c. Progressivism
    d. Realism
  3. Religious rituals in the classroom and in the school programs prove the deep natural religiosity of the Filipinos. Which philosophy has greatly contributed to the tradition? a. Buddhism
    b. Confucianism
    c. Hinduism
    d. Islam
  4. In order to make Roman education truly utilitarian, how should the day-to-day lessons be taught? a. Taught in the students’ native dialect
    b. Taught interestingly through the play way method
    c. Related and linked to the events happening in everyday life
    d. Practiced at home under the guidance of their respective parents.
  5. Which influenced the military training requirements among students in the secondary and tertiary levels?
    a. Chinese
    b. Greeks
    c. Orientals
    d. Romans
  6. Which philosophy has the educational objective to indoctrinate Filipinos to accept the teachings of the Catholic church which is foster faith in God? a. Realism
    b. Pragmatism
    c. Idealism
    d. Existentialism
  7. Virtue as one component in the teaching of Rizal as a course focuses on the teaching of good and beauty consistent with the good and beauty in God. What philosophy supports this? a. Existentialism
    b. Idealism
    c. Progressivism
    d. Social Reconstructionism
  8. Giving education the highest budgetary allocation, the Philippine government recognizes the possible contribution of its future citizens to the national development goals of the Philippine society. Which stressed this goal of education for social transformation? a. Athenian education
    b. Followers of Christ
    c. Greek education
    d. Roman education
  9. The progressivists emphasized the individuality of the child. What is the concern of the reconstructionists?
    a. Experiential learning
    b. Socialization
    c. Social problem
  10. One of the following quotations does not conform to the Christian doctrine of Education for Humanitarianism. Which one is it?
    a. Do unto others as you would like others do unto you
    b. Love they neighbor as thyself
    c. Not on bread alone is man to live but on every utterance that comes from mouth of God
    d. Whatever good things we do to our poor, helpless brothers, we do it for God.

Answer Key:

  1. A
  2. B
  3. B
  4. C
  5. D
  6. C
  7. B
  8. D
  9. C
  10. C


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