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NATURAL MEDICINE – Amazing gulasiman

NATURAL MEDICINE - Amazing gulasiman

The Gulasiman, Purslane, Portulaca olearacea: Herbal Medicine: An illustrated compilation of Philippine medicinal plants is a common plant that grows in any place in the country. It’s considered a wild seaweed. The plant is only small and flowering color. Elsewhere, it is used as spice and pansahog with salad.

There are tannins, steroids, flavonoids, saponins, and alkaloids the plant plant. It also has a high-level level.
There is a vitamins of vitamins, b, b2, c, Niacinamide, nicotinic acid, a-Tocopherol, and b-carotene. There are also minerals such as calcium and iron. There are more fatty acids especially the Omega-3. Besides here, it is still content of glutathione, glutamic acid, Aspartic Acid, flavonoids, alkaloids, saponins and urea.


NATURAL MEDICINE - Amazing gulasiman

 the whole plant of gulasiman is used to be medicinal. It usually beat up and could be a safeguarding in the affected part of the body.
 the root can dry the sun and use in treatment.
The leaves usually beat and it is tightly squeeze out to apply in the affected part of the body.

 bruises and inflammation in the skin. It is effective as medicine which the leaves and branches branches are being used.

 Skin disease used in different skin diseases the fortified of the leaf of gulasiman. It’s just cleaning ways on the affected skin.

 Dysmenorrhea Pinapainom also vaginal plants those who suffers from pain in the abdomen or dysmerrhea,

 Sore Skin sores can be alleviates undertaken by beaten of the leaves of gulasiman.

 Diarrhea the bone is used to cure diarrhea, it is also the juice itself. The fortified can also drink the whole plant of gulasiman.

 UTI hard to pee excellent medicine for hard to urinate drinking in the juice of gulasiman. The Bone can also be used for the same effect.

 Snake bite can be removed  from the wound caused by a snake bite wherein the plant of gulasiman mixed with salt.

 Eczema came from plant of gulasiman is effective for affected skin.

 Tuberculosis takes the fortified of dried leaves of gulasiman to alleviates tb symptoms.

 Prickly Heat is also the juice of gulasiman in the skin affected by the prickly heat

Amazing benefits Purslane

Prevents Cancer
One of the most widespread and tragic diseases in the world today is cancer, so any anti-carcinogenic food item is highly praised. Purslane has significant levels of vitamin C and vitamin A, both of which act as antioxidants to prevent certain cancers, specifically lung and oral cancers.



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