Wednesday, 22 Sep 2021

Newspaper vs. Campus Paper

What do you think will happen to the Philippines if campus journalism did not come into being?

– Students were taught in schools to help them discover and practice, and foster their skills to use in a particular field. And one of it, is implementing campus journalism programs in school.

Campus journalism was introduced in the Philippines to make sure that students will enhance their skills in terms of writing, photography, cartooning, lay outing and radio script writing and broadcasting. It helps students to grow into someone who know what they want, capable of doing things like decision making and making a stand on a certain issue that they truly understand even at their very young age. This serves as an opportunity for them to produce bunch of good generations who are committed to have good attitudes and transparency. Campus journalist writes every stories that tackles people’s feelings, deeds or doings. They write everything for the sake of truth that people deserve to know. They serve as the voice of their campus, revealing and disseminating the information to everyone like informing the school programs, projects, policies, and events for them to be aware of it. If campus journalism was not introduced to us, then we were not able to enhance the skills of students to become a professional journalist who have an ethical value who just love to share truth to everyone. Without them, we will not able to learn on how to write various news and maybe we are lacking of resources to keep us updated with the daily trends that happens in our society.

Lesson 3. Functions of Campus Paper


1. What are the advantages of having a school publication?

– Having a school publication, serves as our educational resources that keep us updated with the school issues, programs, activities, and events. It helps students to join with various writing contest to enhance their skills more. It also helps those aspiring journalist in schools as an outlet and motivation in improving their journalistic writing. School publication also helps the school itself. It helps to disseminate school news, like writing announcements in a certain matter. By publishing magazines and newspaper inside the school premises, it also encourages students to participate like creating their own inspiring stories or featured news, and they were able to express their opinions that they only keep within theirselves. Having school publication provides various advantages to many students and schools, and it helps to unify both of the teachers and students. 

2. If you are a school head, would you allow to organize a school publication in your school? Why?

– If I will become a school head in the near future, I would allow to organize a school publication inside the school since it will help the school boost in terms of disseminating news and announcements to students. It will help the students in fostering their skills in writing, making reports, lay outing, cartooning, and photography. It will be the pride of our school if we will be able to produce students who aspires to be a good journalist that only wants to serve people by seeking and providing relevant news. It’s worth it after seeing how your school improves in terms of publication as well to the students who were able to be excellent in participating in journalism activities inside the school campus.


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