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Philippine Civil Service Examination Reviewer Content for Professional and Sub-Professional- Numerical Ability: English Grammar and Correct Usage

Civil Service Exam Reviewer for Professional and Sub-Professional

Correct Usage of Verbs, Nouns, Pronouns, Adjectives, Adverbs and grammar, you will surely pass the English exam. This can serve as your reviewer to the upcoming Civil Service Examination.


English Grammar and Correct Usage Part 1


  1. I ______ the speech you gave last week, but I was in bed with the flu.

a.)        could be heard

b.)        will have heard

c.)        would have heard

d.)        might hear

e.)        would hear


  1. The group insisted on an investigation of ___ member’s dismissal and threatened to sue the company.

a.)        its        b.) their           c.) there           d.) it’s


  1. People with _____ problems are likely to have a more positive outlook in life.

a.)        less      b.) fewer          c.) more           d.) without


  1. I can accompany you tomorrow ___ Tuesday — you choose.

a.)        if                      b.) and             c.) but              d.) or


  1. I am sorry but I have ___ idea what you are talking about?

a.)        don’t    b.) doesn’t       c.) no  d.) not


  1. This time next Tuesday, some people in this group _______ to Paris.

a.)        will travel

b.)        will be traveling

c.)        will traveling

d.)        travelling


  1. The panel has chosen Kyle to represent the company. He is the _____ _____ the two candidates.             a.) better, between

b.)        better, among

c.)        best, between

d.)        best, among


  1. Guys, have a piece of cake. I baked them _____.

a.)        my own           b.) myself        c.) mine           d.) my way


  1. He’s ___ young to travel on his own. Accompany him.

a.)        so         b.) too              c.) very            d.) such


  1. When Anna took the Civil Service Exam, she ________ in the government form 5 years already.

a.)  worked

b.)        is working

c.)        had been working

d.)        was working


  1. If you have difficulty in ______ the questions in English, there’s a Filipino translation at the back of the page.

a.)        answer

b.)        answering

c.)        to answer

d.)        to answering


  1. History is the witness that ______ passing of time.”

a.)        testifies the

b.)        testifies for

c.)        will testify for

d.)        will testify


  1. Did you have any problem ______ our house?

a.)        search

b.)        to search

c.)        searching

d.)        for searching


  1. Most basketball players are 6 ____ tall or more.

a.)        foot      b.) feet             c.) foots           d.) feets



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  1. These children _____ how to improvise more props for the play.

a.)        knew   b.) knows        c.) know          c.) known


  1. Regarding the meeting next week, I will have to ___ my schedule to make sure I have enough time.

a.)        check   b.) observe      c.) delete         d.) block


17.)      Before releasing the product, we came up with a ___ figure for how many units to produce.

a.) underestimated

b.)        ballpark

c.)        expectant

d.)        diamond


18.)      The alarm ___ off because someone tried to steal merchandise from the shelves.

a.)        sounded           b.) tripped       c.) went           d.) rang


19.)      There was a sophisticated ____ in place for appropriate market research before the development of new products actually take place.

a.)        dialogue          b.) conversation          c.) system        d.) action


20.)      Chances ___ that we will close the deal next week.

a.)        be        b.) are              c.) stay             d.) seem



English Grammar and Correct Usage  Answer Keys

1. c.) would have heard
2. a.) its
3. b.) fewer
4. d.) or
5. c.) no
6. b.) will be travelling
7. a.) better, between
8. b.) myself
9. b.) too
10. c.) had been working
11. b.) answering
12. b.) testifies for
13. c.) searching
14. b.) feet
15. c.) know
16. a.) check
17. b.) ballpark
18. c.) went
19. c.) system
20. b.) are


Philippine Civil Service Examination Reviewer Content

If your looking for a civil service exam reviewer in the internet, I have compiled all the possible sources of learning materials for review as I used it before. These review materials are coming from respective owners which I already used to pass the civil service exam just one take by God’s grace. I hope it will help you to accomplish your goals. God bless and pass the CSC Exam!.

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