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Philippine Civil Service Examination Reviewer Content for Professional and Sub-Professional- Word Vocabulary Questions

Philippine Civil Service Examination Reviewer Content for Professional and Sub-Professional- Word Vocabulary Questions

Whether you want to improve your vocabulary for a standardized test, learn more effective communication skills to use in the workplace, or be more articulate in social situations, the following questions in this book will help you achieve your goal.

Choose a word from the list below that best fills the blank in each sentence.


bane daunt
blight feign
broach pith
cadge roil
caste teem

1. Jane was terribly bored, but she ________(ed) interest so as not to hurt her friend’s feelings.
2. At first I felt ________(ed) by the assignment, but then I realized that the problem wasn’t as complex as it first seemed.
3. Young Carl’s obsession with fire was a ________ for the whole neighborhood.

4. The ________ of my argument is that all life is sacred.

5. He thinks that if he just ________(s) enough, she’ll agree to a date.

6. The abandoned building is the only ________ in an otherwise beautiful neighborhood.
7. Their society divides people into several different ________(s) based on their lineage and economic status.

8. The fish tank was ________(ing) with tadpoles.

9. She didn’t know how to ________ such a sensitive topic.

10. He is planning a speech that should really ________ the crowd.


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Choose the word from the list below that best matches the situation described in each question.

deign ire
dross mete
eke mirth
flout moot
guile quail

________ 11. students purposely coming to class in clothes forbidden by the dress code

________ 12. a corporate spy infiltrating another company to steal proprietary secrets

________ 13. what Wanda felt when a competitor opened up a store right across the street from her shop

________ 14. something bound to be plentiful in a comedy club

________15. to make a living in a sweatshop, for example

________ 16. a renowned, arrogant singer grudgingly agreeing to tutor a student who lacks talent

________ 17. what you might do if you saw a ghost

________ 18. what might pollute a river near an industrial site

________ 19. giving out rations of food and water at an emergency shelter

________ 20. whether or not we should encourage research into the cloning of human beings.



Answers Keys

1. To feign is to pretend or give a false appearance.

2. To be daunted is to be intimidated or discouraged.

3. A bane is a cause of trouble, misery, or harm.

4. The pith is the essential part or essence (of an idea, argument, etc.).

5. To cadge is to beg or obtain by begging.

6. Blight, in this context, means an unsightly object or area.

7. A caste is a distinct social class, system, or group.

8. To teem is to be full of or present in large numbers.

9. To broach is to bring up or introduce in order to begin a discussion of a topic or issue.

10. To roil in this context means to stir up or agitate; to anger or annoy. Roil can also mean to make (a liquid) cloudy or muddy.

11. To flout is to disobey openly or scornfully; to reject, mock, or go against (a tradition or convention).

12. Guile means treacherous cunning or shrewd; crafty deceit.

13. Ire means anger or wrath.

14. Mirth means great merriment or joyous laughter.

15. To eke is to get with great effort or strain; to earn or accomplish laboriously.

16. To deign is to condescend; to do something thought to be beneath one’s dignity.

17. To quail is to draw back in fear; to cower.

18. Dross means waste product or sludge. It can also mean something  worthless, commonplace, or trivial.

19. To mete is to distribute, allot, or apportion.

20. A moot issue is something that is debatable or undecided.

Note: The phrase moot point has come to mean a point not worth discussing because it has no value or relevance. This is a non-standard use of the word, but one that has come to be accepted. Be sure your meaning is clear when you use this word.


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