Shaping Circumstances Reading Interest

What specific circumstances have shaped my reading and my reading interest.

A specific circumstance that help to shaped my reading and reading interest is when I reached my college days. I am pressured with my fellow classmates and teachers since all of them spoke in English fluently. At the same time, I was amazed on how they converse during discussion with confidence.  And I was motivated to enhance my speaking skills so, I tried to learn first various set of words through reading some books. I tried to visit the library and spent my free time in reading fiction books since I really like those stuffs. I had read a lot of new words and tried to figure its meaning through the help of dictionary. From that time, I’m starting to read but there are some moments that I was not interested anymore so I neglect reading books and do such things that can ease my boredom.  As of the moment, I able to shaped my reading and reading interest because I found the comfort and pleasure I’m seeking whenever I read books through literature. It makes me wonder every time and appreciate the richness of literature, and I able to connect myself to the author by feeling every emotion he inflicts to his masterpiece. It helps my mind focused and I can handle myself not to be distracted since I’m hook to it, and since literature contain profound words it helps me shaped my vocabularies.  

2. What challenges do I face in trying to intensify my reading skills and interest?

We read to understand the words written on various books and to establish a strong connection with them. But, students like me have different taste and interest when it comes to various types of texts. We like to read those preferably books that we find convenient for us to read, and we chose books that caught our interest and those easy to comprehend. As for me, I prefer to read fiction books since I was used to read it since my childhood days.  As I grow up trying to intensify my reading skills and interest, I tried to read books containing profound set of words for me to sharpen my vocabularies. I discovered that as I read them, hundreds of words are unfamiliar to me and doesn’t have any idea that its existing, and I sought their meanings through the aid of dictionary just to understand the whole context and I am stuck reading and understanding it for a couple of minutes. Unfamiliar terminologies are really difficult especially I tried to skip reading that without analyzing its implication to the whole context. I realized that I am lacking in terms of my reading comprehension and I need to take an action to enhance it through engaging myself more in reading various reading materials. Aside from that, the challenges that I always encountered when I’m reading a particular text is my lack of concentrations. I always lost my focus especially when I cannot avoid being distracted and my whole attention will be diverted to any unnecessary distractions. I will read it again at the beginning to recall my ideas regarding with the book’s content. And one of the reasons why I am absent-minded and forgetful when reading a particular text is my lack of interest in that given text, I am not fond of reading that or I find it too boring to read.

3. What lessons did you get from those experiences?

The lessons I get from those experiences is that, I am not still an effective reader wherein my mind is not focused on a given material for the reason that I can be easily distracted with the things that can always interrupts me, and I am picky in choosing a book to read since I find some of the books not attention-grabbing especially those books that we used for academic purposes. With this experiences, I have learned that I need to train myself more to appreciate all various types of text for me to embrace it whole-heartedly. I learned that I have struggles especially reading a tedious material and I should practice to engage myself in active reading. I should strive hard to find a comfortable and quiet place to read books and try to not check or use my phone during my study session to avoid being distracted. I’ve learned from those experiences to block all possible interruptions so that I could put all my attention and a portion of my time to read various reading materials, and soon I may be fascinated in reading a lot. And, through reading from time to time can deepen my vocabularies and it helps me to easily unlock given profound words cited on the books by analyzing the whole context of the sentence and it enhances my reading speed to extract information more efficiently in just a limited time.

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