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The Evolution of Technology

Technology has come a long way since the first computer was invented more than 100 years ago. This post will take you through some of the most important milestones in the history of technology.

From Steve Jobs to Bill Gates, we’ll explore how they shaped the technology industry, and changed your life in ways you never knew possible. We’ll also go through what’s next for our digital world, and how it promises to make us more productive, safer, and better connected than ever before.
Before Steve Jobs

It’s hard to imagine life without technology like the smartphone, tablet, and laptop we use every day. At the time when Jobs got started with Apple (the first computer was invented in 1822), computers were huge, heavy machines stored in buildings. The only people who owned personal computers were government employees or large companies like banks or airlines.

Jobs had always been interested in electronics, having worked at Atari since he was a teenager. When he left Atari in 1985, the market for personal computers was just starting to take off. Jobs co-founded Apple Computer Inc. with Steven P. Jobs shortly after leaving Atari.

Jobs’ vision was to build computers that were simple, fun to use, and easy for the average person to understand. He was well-known for his quirky fashion sense, but he brought Silicon Valley fashion innovations with him to Apple.

His ideas started making the rounds in the high-tech world back in 1981. But they didn’t catch on until 1986 when Jobs unveiled the first Macintosh prototype to the press. The early versions of these computers used green screens where you could draw or print anything on a computer screen using special pens that acted as data transfers to the computer’s main processor.

Apple quickly became known as a name synonymous with “digital lifestyle.

Jobs was also known for introducing an innovative style of marketing. Instead of using traditional ads where you see people using the product, he would use simple shows that showed off products that were abstract or even bizarre. Here are some examples:

The television show “The Antic” (a play on the Antiques Roadshow) introduced Jobs’ vision of personal computers in 1988. The show featured a woman who travels around the world buying old things to trade in for new electronic gadgets from Jobs’ company, including a transparent computer keyboard and a computerized toothbrush.

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