Stylistics is the study of linguistic forms or words that used in a certain text and document. It deals with studying different styles that are existing in a given document.

Stylistics are required to use traditional levels of linguistic description such as sounds, forms, structure and meaning then followed by the consistent appearance of certain structures, items and elements in a particular text. By studying the language stylistics, concerned with the multiplicities of language and the examination of some formal linguistic features which characterize them. Stylistics are essential since it enables us to understand and comprehend straightaway the text or utterances that helps us to enjoy more the text and its meaning behind. And also, style is the central of stylistic which it refers to the choice of words and expressions in a given text or document by a certain person to give a specific purpose.

2. What do you consider as the goals of stylistics? 

One of the goals of stylistics is to establish discourse peculiarities meaning we could easily identify the difference between two texts by studying the uniqueness that depict the discourse of a writer, speaker, period, people or genre. And in order to achieve it, we should look and analyze at many features of a text like its syntactic features and many more. In addition, the main concern of stylistics is to make the readers enable to understand and comprehend the authors motives or intention in the manner of spreading the information towards its targets, by studying and analyzing the style, grammar, lexis, semantics, as phonological properties and discursive devices that was been used to a certain text. Stylistics is also concerned with the study of language habits of the particular author and its writing patterns or in short it helps us to know and define how an author exert some techniques in his use of language, and it helps us to appreciate more the said text.  

The goals of stylistics are: To establish discourse peculiarities, to induce appreciation of discourses, to ascertain linguistic habits, to make critical judgements. According to Crystal and Davy, the aim of stylistics is to analyze language habits with the main purpose of identifying, from the general mass of linguistic features common to English as used on every conceivable occasion, those features which are restricted to certain kinds of social context; to explain, where possible, why such features have been used, as opposed to other alternatives; and to classify these features into categories based upon a view of their function in the social context.

3.  Discuss the nature of stylistics.

The nature of stylistics is that it always focuses on the language use in a particular text, both literary or non- literary texts. Stylistics looks at style in such dimension as style as choice, style as the man, style as deviation, style as conformity, style as period or time, and style as situation for us to attain better understanding of the text by studying those forms of language that has been used in a text.

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