Wednesday, 29 Jan 2020

Using Mushrooms to Reduce Plastic Waste

Using Mushrooms to Reduce Plastic Waste

This company from New York-based is using the root structure of mushrooms as an alternative materials for packaging products instead of plastic alone.


A biotech engineer using root-like structure of mushroom is undergo a process to make the outputs productive that could address a lot of serious problems especially the waste of single use-plastics.


Ecovative’s CEO and co-founder Eben Bayer is helping and developing using this method to take organic plant waste inoculating it with the mycelium.


This will grow, binds, provide an alternative packaging of materials made out of styrofoam, and believes that the materials can be alternative for building materials and structural.


One of the world’s problem where humans produced around the world for more than billions of tons of plastic since early years and the company is moving forward as an innovation to protect the environment and to minimize the waste of plastics.


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